About the Nunez Laboratory

Our laboratory is interested in the neural and endocrine control of circadian and seasonal rhythms in mammals. A lot of our attention is devoted to the neural circuits that connect the circadian clock of the suprachiasmatic nucleus to other nunez2regions of the brain that regulate sleep and reproductive functions. In collaboration with the laboratory of Dr. Laura Smale, we are investigating the functional anatomy of these circuits in diurnal and nocturnal species. The other line of my research concerns the impact of environmental lighting conditions on learning and memory. In collaboration with Dr. Lily Yan, we investigate the neural pathways through which light modulates hippocampal functions.

Dr. Nunez is currently serving as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Post-doctoral Training in the Graduate School of Michigan State University. He is also Co-PI of the National Science Foundation grant that supports the Center for Academic and Future Faculty Excellence.

For more information, please see my profile on the Neuroscience Program website.